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Artists 2014:

Leah Gauthier

Emilie Baltz

Edith Gawler and Bennett Konesni

Lisa Gross


Artists 2012:

Guy Goldstein

Sharon Glazberg

Michael Harlan Turkell

One Ring Zero

Tattfoo Tan

Film Screening Artists:

Danielle Ash

Johannes Blomqvist

Meg Durgid

Franca Formenti

Hyun Joo Min

Sarah Klein

Eric Shirai

Chee Wang Ng

Lili White


Roundtable Artists:

Natalie Boustead

Tracy Candido

Cooking-Art Challenge:


Chef Johnny Iuzzini

Michael Cirino

Nicole J Caruth

Elaine Tin Nyo


Legacy Russell

Nora Clancy

Hannah Sullivan

Alice Lee

Bettina Banayan

Nicole Bergman

Mollye Asher

Madison Sheffield

Anna Larson


Artists 2010:

Diane Borsato

Sarah Klein

Robert Kushner

Nicole Peyrafitte

Photography panel:

Corin Hewitt

Emilie Baltz & Jason Wright
Fork & Design
http://Fork &

Michael Harlan Turkell

Anarchy in the Kitchen artists:

Graham Coreil- Allen

Steve Bradley

Bradley Chriss

Adam Good

Shannon Young

Lisa Moren

Carolina Mayorga

Rebecca Nagel

Tim Nohe

Natalia Panfile

Casey Smith

Film Screening artists:

Bara Kirkpatrick Jichova

Myron Beasley

http:// www.

Jane Hsu

Hyun Joo Min

Tami Marks (Tami Ben-Shahar)

Jaz Arad

Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf, EIDIA House

Boaz Arad


Garden Roundtable Artists:

Tattfoo Tan

Maya Nayak

Eve Mosher



Artists 2008:

Mimi Oka and Doug Fitch


Fast Forward

Annie Lanzillotto



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